The Loma Prietan - November 2015

Come Explore with the Sierra Club!

City Walks to Mountain Ascents to Halloween Fun...

By Rebecca Ratcliff

Come enjoy Californiaâs fall weather â perfect for an outing before El Niño arrives.  Photo: Pixland
Come enjoy California’s fall weather – perfect for an outing before El Niño arrives. Photo: Pixland

Mid Fall offers fabulous weather for exploring outdoors from a guided “urban experience” to multi-day Sierra hikes to a spooky evening of fun. Learn more about this month’s offerings.

 Try an “urban experience” with a guided walking tour along the Coyote Creek and the Five Wounds Trails, meandering through parks with commentary and an optional lunch stop. Learn about the riparian habitat and the City’s area development policies.

If you crave a full day’s workout, there are long, steep challenges in the Bay Area’s remoter parks as well as two multi-day Sierra hikes.  Other options include a chance for singles to mingle over ice cream and mid-week day hikes.  

Don't let the kids have all the fun on Halloween! Join our Halloween Costume Party with a live band, delicious food, and a costume contest with prizes. Bring a flashlight or headlamp.

Hikes are open to the public as well as Sierra Club Members and are free, except for such fees as parking or Park entrance charges. Experienced volunteer leaders conduct each of these trips, so you can explore new areas.

* You don't need to know anyone; newcomers are welcome. *

Every month offers all sorts of options – take a look at the following dozens of listings and come explore with us – on the Peninsula and beyond: For a more descriptive view, click on the “List” or “Print” tabs at the top of the calendar.

For further information and more details on the various Outings Sections that sponsor trips, go to and click on the section name for additional details.

Rebecca Ratcliff works as a science and technology writer and editor in Silicon Valley and as a pro bono advocate for pedestrian and cyclist safety