The Loma Prietan newsletter is published as early as possible each month.  It is published in a variety of ways. First it is published to the Loma Prieta Website Loma Prietan pages.  We publish  individual submissions as we receive them to the website. Once a month, we emailed a e-newsletter version to our members and subscribers. 

The normal monthly publishing calendar is

  •   1st - Current newsletter is published to the website. Call for article for the next month is sent.
  •   5th -  Email version sent to subscribers
  • 15th - 1st draft of next month articles are due.
  • 22nd - Last day for articles for the next month. 

We accept two kinds of submissions:

Events: Information about and a web form for event submssions is here.

News Articles: Please download the article template and use it for your article.  Information about submitting photographs to run with your article (which we encourage) is here.  When you article is ready, email it to

Email questions about submissions, requests for help, etc. to


Note: We no longer accept 'letters to the editor' articles, but opinion pieces are allowed and encouraged if they align with Sierra Club policy or critique it. 

Note: contact the chapter director to inquire about paid advertisements.